5 Reasons To Integrate Your App Into Your Marketing Strategy

18 Dec 2014

If you have a mobile app or are working on building one, you need to know how it's going to work with your existing marketing strategy. What role is it going to play in the efforts you already have to gain customers and/or grow your community? Your mobile app is not just an afterthought or an add-on but should play an important role. Here's how you get the best ROI out of it.

  1. Customer Communication - this could be a way to communicate with customers, either by getting service reviews or new product/service ideas. Providing a way for customers to give feedback in multiple ways goes a long way to building that key relationship with them.
  2. Referral Program - by creating an incentive to download and use the app, customers have a reason to actually utilize this tool. It also shows that you are paying attention to the app because you want customers to refer their friends through it.
  3. Community Engagement - some companies can use social media or their website to create an active, social community. If you have an app, whether it's a game or something else, it's a place that you control. Customers can share feedback, help tips, and otherwise communicate with you and other customers in a place that you have ultimate control over. This is a nice feature because you see everything that's happening.
  4. Unified company voice - When you start using this channel, remember that it has to reflect the same voice, or at least a different aspect of the same voice, that your brand reflects. This can be helpful because you can reach customers on yet another platform to market to them, but it can also be harmful. You have to remember that consistency is everything.
  5. Company Reputation - This goes along the same lines as what I just said above. Any avenue or message that you choose to utilize as a company reflects upon your reputation. While you need to use the platforms and technology that your users are used to, you also need to protect your image while doing that. I am not saying that you walk on eggshells to accomplish this, but be mindful and make sure you know how you are going to use the mobile app.

Be consistent and authentic with your audience on any and every platform you choose