4 Unknown Ways To Market Your Mobile Apps

17 Dec 2014

While some companies make a mobile app to fill a demand, some have to build demand after creating the app. You may not have an audience lying in wait for your app, so you have to work at making the right people aware of what you have to offer. I have some ideas that you may not have thought about before, and they all center around one idea: get to where your customers are.

  • Email list announcement - If you are an established business that has just made its first mobile app, you can use your existing email subscribers. These are the users you want to talk to because they are ideally the target customer. Get word to them directly about your app and if they are the right demographic, they will try it and forward it to people.
  • Free trials - This works great if your app is paid because it lets users get a taste of what they can get. If it's already free, then this tactic obviously won't work, but free trials are a great way to give users a preview of your app or software risk-free.
  • Google Adwords - If your app was created strategically, you found a problem to solve and built the app as a solution. This means people are probably searching for solutions actively on Google. By finding the keywords and terms they use to find solutions, you can start a simple Adwords campaign to show up when people search. You get straight to the action and, if there isn't a lot of competition, you can reap the rewards.
  • Social ads - Social media is a great way to advertise because you can target users so easily. You can use this medium to advertise your free trial too. The targeting abilities make this channel extremely useful and you can learn just by reading a few blog posts.

Not a Trained Marketer?

If you are new to this marketing thing and you just want people to admire that amazing app that you spent a long time building, don't worry. You can easily get up to speed with some quick research.

You don't have to have fancy email templates or fancy social ads to get noticed

As long as you know your target market, which you should if you understood the problem you were solving, then you can find out where they are, their problems and what they need. This gives you the message they want to hear, and the places they go to hear it.

Do you have a great story of successfully marketing your app? Tell me in the comments below.