UPDATED: Goggles all over the internet!

12 May 2014

Today, Goggles has received over 1.8 MILLION requests from over 9,000 unique users. This is awesome!

Keep the drawings going! In the meantime, here are some notable tumblr blogs that have posted about Goggles:

  • http://iamnevertheone.tumblr.com/post/85542441874/ikolism-get-goggles-draw-on-peoples-blogs
  • http://ikolism.tumblr.com/post/30194686554/get-goggles-draw-on-peoples-blogs-see-how-long
  • http://we-are-timeless-timeless.tumblr.com/post/57671954251/so-if-you-dont-know-what-goggles-are-i-suggest
  • http://doctorwho.tumblr.com/post/57445577497/how-to-access-the-secret-goggles-art-on-the-doctor (that is, in fact, the official tumblr of BBC America's Doctor Who)
  • http://blogs.voanews.com/digital-frontiers/2011/09/12/got-goggles/

UPDATE 5/13/2014: The final numbers from yesterday (7AM to 7AM MDT, but mostly from noon MDT) are in: Goggles handled 5.2 million requests from 23,447 unique users. Almost 8,000 of these users drew something. We're now also up to almost 900 registered users who can post to the Goggles gallery.