26 Feb 2014

This morning, Charles Ressler was on Las Vegas Morning Blend, to talk about his passion project, #dreammaker. The clip can be found at http://www.vegasmorningblend.com/videos/247105611.html. (Update: a better link via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brvHWl0uWos)

To start, the phenomenon that Charles started on Christmas Eve, 2013, is absolutely amazing. In the two months since #dreammaker started, he's been able to connect at least 20 people (last week he'd connected 16 people and I know he's connected at least four more people since then) and received literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of dreams tweeted and emailed to him.

And these are only the dreams we know about.

This past Sunday, I soft-launched a digital platform to help Charles (and the other dreammakers out there) keep track of the dreams they're helping and manage the volume so our inboxes don't explode. I started by searching twitter for every instance of the hashtag #dreamer. I now realize that I'm missing all the people using "#dreaming" and "#dream" and "#dreams", but even without them, at 9:49 Mountain Time on Wednesday, 2901 dreams have been tweeted or retweeted in multiple different languages.

It's definitely still a work in progress and, as such, a little rough around the edges. Feel free to go to http://dreams.thoughtcolony.com/faq and see how many dreams have been tweeted since Sunday Feb. 23. You can even log in with twitter, see dreams you've tweeted (click "My Dreams"), and tell the world you've achieved them. At the moment, the only way a dream gets in the system is by having been tweeted with the #dreamer hashtag since Feb 24, but I will continue to improve upon that.

Furthermore, if you have #dreammaker in your twitter profile, the system will list you as a dreammaker. The future goal of this is to better help dreamers find dreammakers and make the movement bigger than Charles and I could accomplish with just two people.

Are you a dreamer? A dreammaker?

Tweet Charles at @charlesressler or me at @synapsesoftware. Let's make some dreams come true!