Goggles Machine Upgrades

14 May 2014

With the recent increase in Goggles activity, it became clear that the capabilities of a machine that had been built three years ago to host Goggles originally simply weren't going to cut it. Unfortunately, the machine upgrades became an emergency this morning, resulting in about 15 minutes of downtime around 6:30 MDT. We're sorry that this interfered with Goggling, but rest assured that we have Gogglers' best interests at heart and we're working hard to plan for the next round of upgrades, building up an infrastructure that will minimize future downtime.

Furthermore, we're quite impressed that our little art project, running on a server that has seen hardly any maintenance since 2010, has performed as well as it has. We're very happy to have such a loyal community of followers. Keep up the good work!

Leave us comments below on things you'd like to see in Goggles and ways we can improve the service.